How to make coin without spining?

hi. i’m trying to make coin(thick 2mm /diameter 2.5mm) with nomad3. but the coin spins while it’s being cut. Like the video on YouTube, I cut the wooden board, made a mold, attached double-sided tape, and put the coin on it. I think i need a clamp for this to stop the rotation. Can you recommend a clamp for the thin, small coin I use? Or I would appreciate it if you could tell me another solution.

I have used this method to carve several round objects. You take a piece of mdf (or whatever you have) and carve out the coin slot. I then cut a slot with the table saw or when making the fixture on your machine and just use a clamp. The white thing is a piece of paper to help shim the object. Then you can carve it without it moving.

You can use painters tape and super glue to hold the figure down to the spoilboard or as I have a threaded insert spoilboard I bolted it down. Please notice that the slot is on the opposite side of my slot I used to clamp the object in the fixture. The only issue is to center the coin in the fixture. So when you machine the fixture put a small divot in the center so you can use that to center X and Y when you get the fixture mounted. For my larger round objects I just make a mark on the object using a wood turning center finder. I would recommend marking the fixture because of the nature of the small coin. You fix your fixture and set the X and Y coordinates before mounting the coin. Then you can set the Z on top of the coin with the paper method.


It’s a great setup that i can make with a common clamp. Thank you for your advice.

Ya that’s really nice way to go!

I used a cam clamp along the edge of the circle, It worked great.
Screenshot 2023-08-23 213136


that’s interesting. can u show me picture? it hard to expect only with blueprint

This is one of those beautifully simple ideas. The kind that make me facepalm for not thinking of it myself :man_facepalming:
I’m over here with my, way overkill, milled aluminum soft jaws.

Sure thing, here you go.



I initially cut the cams as round then used my belt / disc sander to shape the cam.

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That’s brilliant. Thx for sharing ur idea

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I actually got help for this in this forum when I created the jig.
I forget how long ago? I’m trying to remember if this was my idea, or someone suggested it to me. I may have tweaked it to fit my needs.

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