How to remove Z axis pulley

I had the set screw on my z-axis become loose and the pully is now such that the set screw does not align with the flat on the shaft. I have loosened both set screws and the pulley will not free up so that I can spin it and get the screw on the flat part of the shaft. Any suggestions?

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I can’t get the darn thing off.

If it can’t be rotated and is securely in place, my inclination would be to mark it and leave it until the marks move so as to indicate it is rotating at which point it should come off.

Things which help to remove it:

  • heating up the alu. pulley
  • leverage

I will give those a try. I am afraid to put any pressure on it to try and slide it off for fear of damaging the motor.

I believe they add a compound to the shaft/pulley interface, i.e. Loctite 603. Applying some heat to the pulley can help break down the compound and loosen it.


thanks all. I will give heat a try

Use a screwdriver under it to give it a push off. You won’t hurt the motor if you use reasonable force.


You guys rock. Heat and a gentle nudge with a screwdriver and she id off. Thanks a ton. :slight_smile:


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