How to restore Carbide Compact Router affected by dust?

I’ve been running some dusty jobs in aluminum, plywood, acrylic, and polycarbonate. My Carbide Compact Router has more internal friction and does not spin as freely anymore. And it no longer reaches top speed. I have a replacement on the way but I’ve got to keep CNC’ing until it does. Is there a procedure for cleaning or lubricating the CCR that might resolve this?

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If you are still in warranty, contact us at

The routers are easily rebuilt — usually all that’s necessary is replacing the bearings:

(most parts are the same as the Makita RT0701)

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Do you put a sock (pre-filter) over the air inlet?


Nope! I didn’t know about this until today. I will now, though. Thanks.

Thanks. I just replaced the brushes and blew out everything with an air compressor. It sounds different but still not great. I’ve ordered a replacement.

As Rich mentioned in the future you can use a sock to help pre filter. You can also use a ladies foot hosiery, it like panty hose material, if you can find them at maybe a drug store. The hosiery is a fine mesh but needs to be clean periodically.

Just a quick question since CC knows the dust is an issue with the routers and CNC machine. Why then don’t they supply some kind of filter with the machine when purchased or let customers know about the problem to start with. Don’t get me wrong not complaining at all they are a great company in my opinion and I love my machine. Just asking.

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I think dust collection is the promoted strategy. With a sweepy-like device, there’s very little dust that makes it’s way to the router. Perhaps this mitigates the need to use fishnets :slight_smile:


Ya got to keep the sock clean as well. Don’t want to overheat the router.

I second the dust extraction option.

Wood dust, especially MDF just gets in everything, it builds up on the V Wheels, gets into the stepper motors and everywhere, the best thing to do is to extract the abrasive dust at source to keep it away from the router, machine and your lungs.


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