How to Run Jobs

Sooooo, ever since I got my Shapeoko and have been using CC, anytime, I’ve created a job where I’m using different tools (ex.1/4" Endmill and 1/16" Enmdill) I would do like a couple guys said they do and disable one and save the GCODES separately. I’ve been curious, but I’ll be honest, have never tried it, what does the software do, if you just create the tools in two different groups and save the GCODES as one? Will CM prompt you to change the tools?

If you have a BitSetter (or some other way to ensure consistent endmill stickout) and want to run the entire job at once, just output one G-Code file.

Otherwise, one file per tool as noted at:


Gotcha. Thanks Will. I thought so, but didn’t want to assume. Was just looking for confirmation. I’m starting to experience with depth collars until I budget up for the bit setter. Soon as support lets me know how to get back up and running, I’m going to try a job with my depth collars set to the same place on two different bits and see what happens, how it comes out.

Thanks again

In the before time of the BitSetter your method was the only way to cut a project with multiple tools. If you have the “Pro” version of Carbide Create you cannot used the advanced vcarve and other advanced festures without the BitSetter.


Actually you sort of can… you just need to use a tool like To split the resulting gcode file afterwards…


I uploaded a nc file to the site what does it do with them? Is it suppose to ask me where to save or anything?

it’s supposed to give you download links on the left side, one for each split file


Am i doing something wrong?

I do;t think so

any chance I can get access to the .nc file so I can debug this? (49.4 KB)

hmm did this come from carbide create?
It has some funky gcode in it

haha let me double check i thought it did but then i was messing with other things also.

(either way I updated the tool to work with your file) (49.4 KB)

I just created this one. for some reason it is uploading to here calling it the same name as before when its saved as a new name.

somehow you get

M0 ; T102
kind of lines which I’ve not seen CC create

anyway tool can now work with this

Im using 461 if that matters? should i upgrade?

No but you should probably double-check that the “Shapeoko” post-processor is selected in CC (Edit menu / Select Post-Processor), and not one of the other ones like “GRBL” or “Basic G-code”


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