How to securely attach .04" sheet of 6061 aluminum to bed

Hi all. I’m a newbie to the CNC world and ran into an issue. I’m using an 1/8" end mill to cut through 6061-T6 aluminum. I’ve attached the aluminum sheet to the bed by screwing it down on each corner (see picture). My problem is, the stock will raise ever so slightly in the middle, causing it to bow upwards when the end mill almost cuts through the stock. So when the spindle will raise over a tab, it won’t raise completely and it’ll cut right through the tab. Ideally I’d just have the spindle go higher over the tab (is this possible with V-Carve pro?). However, maybe I need some double sided tape? I’m trying to be efficient as possible when it comes to time (I’m making a lot of these items) so please keep that in mind. Thank you for the help!

Black dots = screws to attach aluminum to the bed. There is a spoiler board in between bed and material if that matters.

Hot glue. OR LOTS of double sided tape OR sandwich it between to flat sheets of wood…

My video:

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Try an easily reversed adhesive such as Cyanoacrylate

The Blue fixturing wax is my go to for metal holding.
I would use a sacrificial plate of aluminum on the bottom, and apply even downward pressure while the wax is still liquid.

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Ended up using some double sided heavy duty carpet tape and this did the trick. Thank you for the help and replies!