How to select several paths at the same time

Now that I started to get comfortable with my 4 XXL, I wanted to engrave an item for the wife, and it has 3 letters that use the same V-carve tool. Don’t want to do 3 toolpaths (or is the right way?), just tell the machine to do them together (each one at a time off course). I watched the guidelines video, and did the ctrl click as is told by the person in the video (or I think I am doing it) with the 2 circles, but when I click in the second letter it releases the previous one. Is that possible to do or I am assuming it can be done?
Thanks for the help

You have to use shift + click not Ctrl + click. Took me a while to figure that one out too. Normally you use ctrl to select items one at a time so it does not seem normal.

Thank you very much Ryan . It looks like somebody has to modify the video regarding the Toolpath section of the CC guidelines, it clearly says control for windows and command for apple. It will never occur to me that was Shift.

FWIW, shift is the industry-standard keyboard modifier for adding/subtracting items from a selection, and for the better part of a year, I missed that feature because I was trying shift (control is typically used for selecting the next item down in a stack of objects) — very glad to have this at least match other design applications.


Thanks William. Excellent reference guide, will print, and protect with a laminator and have it next to my computer.

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