How to set origin on piece that is 45 degrees on spoilboard

I was trying to cut a piece that was 33 inches long. I have an XXL and that was longer than my HDZ could reach on both sides.

I turned the board to 45 degrees so it would be able to be cut on my XXL. The problem was originally I had the origin set as the lower left corner. After turning the project to 45 degrees I could not figure how to set the origin so it would cut a slot that centered one inch from the bottom of the project that was 3/8 inch wide and 3.8 inch deep.

I will attach the project but wanted to know how others may have solved the problem. Originally I had the material set to 3.5 inches tall and 33 inches wide and was trying to use a #201 bit. When I turned the board to 45 degrees I increased the material to 33x33 inches.

The board I wanted to cut was 3.5 inches by 33 inches long with a slot cut centered 1 inch from the bottom that is 3/8 inches wide by 3/8 inches deep. This is an auxiliary fence for a Rockler Cross Lap Jig. This longer fence to to make cross laps for a torsion box I am making. I have a Tee slot bit that I will run through and make a Tee slot for toilet flanges to go through to attach the jig to the backing fence and to the Incra 1000SE miter gauge.

rockler_crosslap_fence.c2d (786.9 KB)

I have a file which is mapped to the physical area of the machine with the rapid position points marked out:

but I find it most expedient to sacrifice a layer of my spoilboard and just cut a pocket for the stock.

It might be easier to do this on a router table since you are cutting a slot for a fence. Setup time would be quicker.

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I have a full woodworking shop but I am interested on how to cut longer pieces on the Shapeoko.

So to figure out the limits of the XXL should I just jog to the lower left corner and when the machine stops moving in X and Y make that the origin and then from the origin the cut will be made relative to the origin and hopefully if I have placed the cut in the right place it will cut where I want it.

I think that originally I had the material set to 33" x 3.5" but did not have a box that was 33" x 3.5" I only had the slot I wanted to cut. So when I turned it 45 degrees I only turned the slot with no corresponding 33" x3.5" box around it that was originally my material size.

I started my torsion box. Tomorrow I will start to cut the half laps in the grid.

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So I got my torsion box assembled. Tomorrow I will put some poly on it. I will place on my existing table top.


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