How to set up Nomad 883 machine profile in GWizard?

Hello all,

It seems helpful when using GWizard to set up a machine profile for Nomad 883.

However, I’m not sure I understand the parameters.

Can anyone help?

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Can’t help with all of the settings but I used a power conversion form at and a 50 watt electric motor as spec’d for the spindle would convert to 0.067 horsepower.

You are currently looking at the setup in inches so the travels should be X: 8, Y:8 and Z:3

Max rapids I’m guessing would be 100 which is the maximum value of the x,y and z speeds from the nomad specs.

Max feed would be less than max rapids, I’ve never gone over 20 IPM so you could start with a value of 20 and see if that works.

Maybe some of the descriptions in the setup user guide will help with the other settings? G-Wizard Setup User Guide

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