How to surface Carbide’s original t-track kit?


I bought the t-track kit from Carbide and did a lot of too-deep-cutting (beginner here sorry!). How can I surface it again as the edges go way beyond the real cutting area of the machine?

If I were to surface only the cutting area, my big wood parts (sometimes bigger than the central part) would not rest perfectly on the board.

Is my only option to buy need MDF boards, at the perfect size, and replace the old ones?

Once this done I’m planning to make a smaller wasteboard on top of the t-track to be able to surface it regularly, dedicated to tape&glue, and keep the option of clamping by removing it when needed. Did someone found a nice way to hook such an additional board without using screws? I’m worried to destroy the t-track board again by screwing and unscrewing the additional one many times.

Thanks for your help! (And sorry for my messy English)

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We have instructions/files on cutting MDF to the sizes needed for filler strips at:


Thank you!
So surfacing is not an option, right?

You can surface as much as you want, so long as the inset pocket is workable for you until you get close to the aluminum tracks.

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