How to test Nomad spindle motor

Are there any tests I can do do to check the functioning of the Nomad’s spindle motor not involving the circuit board, with a multimeter for instance. I found videos showing a test with an LED, where turning the shaft effected a generator, but these were motors with four leads. I’m curious about only three leads on the Nomad’s motor. Being three phase, I suspect the chasis is ground and each of the three leads is hot for a different set of windings?

Please contact us at and we’ll do our best to work through this with you.

Thanks @Will. I’ve been in touch with support but hadn’t heard from them in a few days. I was searching for what I could do to move forward on my own while they parse what might be at issue. Later this morning I was contacted by Nick in support who stated a replacement “McGillicutty” board is on its way, so support is on top of it

I’m still interested in learning about this if anyone has the knowledge to share. Even though I wouldn’t wish for downtime, there’s still a [micro]tad of fun sussing out the problem. I’m especially curious whether my hypothesis about the motor leads is accurate. I’m currently thinking probably not or there would be some measurable resistance between each lead and ground.


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