How to Toggle Homing On/Off

Anyone know how to toggle the homing sequence on / off in the latest version of Carbide Motion. I recently upgraded CM & Firmware and have been running for a while and today have an issue with my machine. In the past version I was able to go to settings tab and toggle feature off so I could manually move axis to help with trouble shooting. Can’t find same feature in new version.

Any help - Thanks in advance Jeff

I’m afraid that homing is now mandatory in Carbide Motion 4.

In order to use the machine you’ll have to use a 3rd party comm / control program — if it affects any work coordinate system be sure to re-send the machine defaults when switching back to CM4.

Thanks Will for the email with the links to the wiki page that has the other software. Again I hope you guys add the feature back at least in jog mode so I don’t have to use multiple software to trouble shoot the machine when issues arise

Any chance of putting back the “Toggle Shapeoko Homing” button in V4?
When using the probe for XYZ setting I usually don’t need homing.
If I am doing something repetitive I would like it on.
Does /$22=0 work to turn it off?