How to, XY axis verification

I finally got some time iu of my busy schedule to work on my Shapeoko 3 XXL.

Is there a way to verify the X Y axsis for squareness given the following thoughts:

  1. Lead pencil mounted to the spindle collet.

  2. Written program to draw a 1 inch line intersecting cross at 4 corners. The longer the distance, the more accurate a measurement can be achieved.

  3. By measuring the X distance and Y distance, the diagonal can be calculated.

I am not at the programming stage as this is all new to me. A written program of X length and Y length, then the diagonal can be verified for squareness.

I have leveled all 4 corners to within 0.001" using a dial indicator.

I have trammed the router spindle to within 0.001" using a tramming dial indicator.

All I have left is to check for squareness, verify stepper increments with a dial indicator on XYZ axsis then use a shaper to flatten out the waste board.

Any help will be Greatly Appreciated in moving forward.

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