How would I do this? If someone can help me step by step?

I have the Nomad here and am slowly learning. But I am a newbie. Anyway, my idea at the moment is to make acrylic dies that I would us on my big hydraulic press to form metal into the shape cut into the acrylic die. 0eb81d5017718968b579a8228c1cb862 This is an example of what I would like to achieve with my CNC. I have acrylic and I do have a good selection of endmills. 4ef49e30f8166f006e0aae2fc2f15d92Here is another example. I would like to use this shape (1 of them only) and I would like for it to be rounded in the mold, not necesarily flat in the mold. So the metal shape ones pressed into the mold is in a shell like shape.

heart At the other end this heart would work our nice as well. I would like the bottom (really the top of the heart) to be rounded out like 1/2 a sphere basically so it could be formed in the press out of metal. But what steps do I take. I don’t want someone else to do it for me, I want to learn how to do it. Thank you for any advice and help to do this. I hope this makes sense…other examples bbd54c77e6cc6661565669462ddc9dba

You can either use a tool such as MeshCAM which allows you to do depth maps ( and or model the parts in 3D — very simple shapes might allow you to cut them as a series of nested pockets, but probably not an option.

For the free 3D CAD and CAM options see: and or see for the commercial options.

I have meshcam and am learning to use it. I have all the programs that came with the machine installed on a PC. I will check out the two links. In the case of the heart, I import it into the program, then what should I do next after that? Thanks!

The heart should probably be touched up in a pixel image editor to have an even surface appearance — remember, you’re going to be mapping a given greyscale value to a given depth of cut.

Hopefully the tutorial at: will work for you — if not, post a file either here or to and we’ll do our best to help.

Thanks Will. I don’t have an unlimited amount of material to mess with so that is my caution with it. But I looked at the tutorial on MeshCAM Day 2 - Image Machining and I have gotten a bit more educated, I really want to have my first success where I do it myself! Thank you again. I will post something once I get there!

It’s best to decide upon / source a free / inexpensive (and easily / quickly machined) material to use for experimentation — I use pallets from work — a little sweat equity after a large equipment delivery got me a shed almost filled with a truckload of lumber which I’ve been cutting up since.


ah good idea. I am in a very poor area so pallets are not an easy find, but I get it. Wood would work, I can get that and they will cut it for me as well. Thanks for the tip!

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