How would the clever Cnc people do this

I have been given this logo to make into a wall plaque and a stamp,I have done the pocket simulation using a 1/32 bit and looks great,The size reduction to a stamp my be pushing it.
Just thought I would get an opinion from the experienced people.
Size would be around 300 mm square or a foot square.

You can V-carve the rubber stamp and get really good detail. Use a 60 degree or narrower bit to get finer lines.

EDIT: I bought this rubber sheet three years ago and I am ashamed to say I have not used it yet.


Yep, v-carving will get you more detail than even a 1/32" endmill.
The stamp size should be doable if you simplify the design for that scaled down version (e.g. only keep the “The Barn” logo and drop the text at the bottom?) and use a pointy vbit e.g. 30°


Just simulated with the 60 degree and a shallow depth and it does soften it up very good,I think as Julien says it is very clustered for a stamp

Don’t forget to inverse the image for the stamp, though! :upside_down_face:

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