Howdy from Texas!

Hi everyone, First post here and brand new to the CnC world. Back in January or February, I saw a few videos on YT with DIYers and makers using desktop CnC’s that grabbed my attention. After watching a lot of videos, I decided to try one out and bought a 3018 Prover at the end of March, put it together, and tested it with one of the sample files from SainSmart. I was instantly hooked. Then I realized I needed to learn some form of CAD, and after trying a few, I decided to go with Carbide Create to learn the settings and other intricacies involved. In the past month(ish) I have done mostly engraving so I can learn the machine and I’m loving it, until that is, I was doing something on Acrylic and the bit plunged down too deep (I’m still figuring out plunge rate and speeds and feeds) and everything stopped working. I use Candle, because that’s what was included with the 3018, and I can still use the jog buttons, but nothing moves on the 3018. I saw a video where someone else had the same issue due to the spindle getting “stuck” and they replaced the control board and all was good. Welp, I bit the bullet and bought a new board, installed it, flashed the firmware, and BAM, still nothing. I was hoping some of you out there that have used a 3018 or a similar machine could help me out so I can get back to it. I have already been thinking about getting a bigger and better CnC, but before I drop almost $3000, I wanted to make sure this something I will stick with for a while (I have other hobby materials sitting around collecting dust and don’t really have a need for a $3000 doorstop).

I’m sorry that my first post is a plea for help, but PLEASE HELP!!

The machine manufacturer should be able to assist with this.

Stepper motors usually don’t fail, and if you replaced the controller and it still doesn’t work, I’d suggest looking at the power supply — if you or a friend have a multimeter use it to check that the power supply is putting out the expected current.

/facepalm…I checked everything EXCEPT the power supply. Went out to the garage, unplugged it from the outlet this time, plugged it back in and it’s up and running!

Thanks Will. I should have known better, but I got flustered and then aggravated. It just goes to show you, when something goes wrong, take a step back and think…


Always start with the basics, is it plugged in and does the plug have electricity. Troubleshooting anything is an art. You always start with the basics. Too many people want to skip ahead to the finish and cannot find out what is causing the problem or what caused it to start with. Too many over think a problem and have fantastic theories about what is wrong.

I have literally walked in and flipped on a switch on, mike drop, exit stage left problem fixed.

KISS Keep It Simple Stupid