Howto Test Homing Switches


I have looked through this a bit and not found a straight forward answer. I installed the homing switches when I first got my machine and haven’t trusted that they worked enough to try them more than once. the first time i tried homing i had to kill carbide motion because it was just skipping on the belt at the back corner of the machine. I just wondered if there was a way to get logging output for when the switches are engaged before I try again. I am able to test on my voltmeter and confirm that the switches function, just not seeing anything from the motion software.


I would suggest using Ultimate G-Code Sender (UGS) for this:
It shows you when and which switch engages.

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Have you enabled homing in carbide motion? If you load carbide motion and connect - click jog and it brings the jog screen up they are not enabled. When enabled it will ask you to home machine first.

The way I did it was bring the machine to front left corner, router low. Begin homing and press the z axis one, then the x then the y.

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Oh wow. I will have to try both these options. I had started working with Ultimate gcode sender but without too much success. Wasn’t able to get feedback from the switches. I’ll have to take another crack at it. I might just try triggering it on my own. It didn’t move too fast for you @Luke?

No if it’s at front left the movement on homing should be slow as - and z axis is first to go.

Refere back to my point on carbide motion and beginning homing.