Hunkered down for the Hurricane

Well about noon tomorrow the Hurricane Laura will come right over my house. I got the shop crammed to the top with the outside furniture and things. Hope it goes some where else but it looks like I will get a direct hit with up to category 1 winds (85MPH). I got all the shop machines covered up and will put my dog in the shop tonight. Already got some gusts of winds and some light rain. Predictions are for 8-12 inches of rain. I went through Hurricane Ike in 2014 in Houston. The eye came right over my house and I went outside in the dead calm.

Keeping my fingers, toes and knees crossed. Rain Rain go away and come another day.

The Shapeoko has become one of my favorite tools and it got covered up first.


Good luck my friend, I pray that you make it through safely and with everything intact!


Guy, I’m transferring the few prayers that I got to you! We were completely missed (this time) and didn’t get wind or rain so far.

If you’re around Nacogdoches, you’re still on the “good” side of the storm so your chances are good, too! We’re used to these storms around Houston, but I think of all the folks getting this one that don’t really know how to prepare.

Stay safe and let me know if I can help from here.


We moan a lot about our weather here in the UK but we don’t get hurricanes just bad storms (often down graded hurricane leftovers) and flooding and that is devastating enough. Stay safe guys and gals.

Good luck! Hopefully it doesn’t get too bad.

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The most tiring part of these storms is that they tear up the power grid for weeks sometimes.

Well pretty much over. Few trees down, no electricity but overall good. Storm went farther East, good for me bad for others.


The storm, rain and wind are gone but t he power is still off. I do have water and I drew up 30 gallons of water to flush the toilet if necessary (so far not necessary). A good part of my community has their lights restored so I just have to wait. Sometimes the things you buy foretell what is to come. Case and point a couple of weeks ago I bought a Dewalt 20V fan. Right now I have the generator humming and the Dewalt fan cooling me as I type this.

Although this is not strictly a Shapeoko topic I wanted to tell how I have electricity to get on the internet. I have a 6550 Starting Watt Gen with 5000W continuous running. I have two extension cords (120v) with male plugs on both ends. I can use a regular extension if I need more length. I plug in to a circuit with the male end of the extension cord and do not plug up to the generator. I start the generator and get it running smoothly and then add the male other end of the extension to the generator and I have power to that circuit.

Make sure you disconnect your mains from the power company because you do not want the light company and your generator on at the same time. I also turn off the breaker to the circuit I am hooking up to so I dont get half of the electrical panel energized. I want to specifically apply power to particular circuits.

So I have one cord going to the refigeriator and my power supply of my cell phone amplifier. The other goes into a bedroom socket and I have lights and computer and tv there.

I have been thinking about buying a whole house generator for some time and will most likely pull the trigger in a month or two before winter.

Thanks for all your comments, prayers and good wishes. Thankfully all of the storm that is left is the crying over the damages. For me just the yard needs to be cleaned up and all of the stuff inside the shop moved back out.


Glad to hear that you are doing well enough. Our power COOP is warning of rolling blackouts and that may be the norm before long. I’m keeping my emergency generator nearby, because at this time of year there’s always more storms coming.

I (I’m sure Guy is, too) am VERY conscious of the power arrangement with the power company and follow every safety requirement they have to protect their line crews. No need for anyone to question the safety of what we do. :smiley:

My emergency power comes from a Honda 6000i (inverter style) generator through an RV 50 amp receptacle with hookup similar to how you have arranged yours, Guy. I have to generate 220 VAC, because of my need to power a water well pump for me and my “kids” next door. So, it is a whole house setup, but we only keep certain breakers on and usually work out a schedule to run the freezer.

I’ve been looking at whole house gensets for awhile, and will power one with propane (the gas of choice around here) if I ever get one. Our needs aren’t as stringent as those in the frozen north, though.


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