I am using a program to perform a 2 minute drilling

I am using a Gcode file to perform a simple 2 minute drilling operation in softwood. Like the Turners Cube. How can I repeat this program automatically with a Z zero position change inserted between each operation. Peter SO3

I’m having a hard time imagining why you would want to change Z0 in the middle of a program.

Are you drilling a 3 or 4 step hole, with decreasing diameters?

If your holes are all 0.25" deep, then the first hole goes from Z0 to Z-0.25. The 2nd hole goes from Z-0.25 to Z-0.5, and so on.

Unless I’m totally misunderstanding what you’re trying to do.??

Sorry about the confusion I caused. When the program has run once, I wish to change the starting point before it runs again, and so on. So Z is not involved. Just x,y. Is that making sense?

If you are drilling at x0 y0 then reset x and y to the new position. No need to change z.

Perhaps I should re write my original question.
I need to run a file. Then I need to add g-code to move to a new x,y position. Then i need g-code to rerun the original file and so on. It is all about G-code i think. Thanks if you can understand and help. Peter

It’s a little confusing without knowing what sort of mechanism you are using the send the gcode, and if these new X,Y coordinates are ad-hoc and done by eye, or are regular and predictable up front.

There is no gcode to run a file… the file itself is gcode. So you could achieve what you describe in something like Carbide Motion by jogging to the first X,Y, then running the file, then jogging to the next X,Y, then re-running the file.

If you want to set up the first X,Y and then hit a button and have it drill all the holes, you should consider designing a single file that does everything for you.

I will add that if your need is to move to a predefined different zero point during each execution of a gcode file, you could use the “Quick action” feature in CM to write a oneline G-code macro that moves to predefined X,Y values. And then you just have to click in CM to reset X0, Y0 there, and rerun the same gcode file. Rinse and repeat for other returns in different locations.


Or, you could array-copy each object {25 times?} in CC, save to gcode and do your drilling operation en masse.

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Any chance you could share the file and the other requirements? Are you using Carbide Motion?
I would be tempted to use a G92 for this (so as but to lose my original zero), but G10L20 would work as well.

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Thanks to all who replied. I have solved the problem although I had to lower my sights, as it were. Im very grateful for your time. Peter

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