I blew a day's work

I was making a flag. The first bit was a .250 end mill - worked great. Second bit was a 1/16" end mill and the X position changed by about .075". So what did I do:

  1. checked belts and retightened set screws ( even though they were tight)

  2. Thought that during tool change I was tightening with one wrench and the stop button. Maybe the torque was moving the X. No difference.

  3. Separated my project into several gcode files, one for each tool. This would eliminate any tool change issues. Same problem.

  4. Made a small project using just the two tools. Dug into the gcode file and determined that all the numbers were accurate. Made the project and it worked fine.

  5. By now I have ruined one of my blanks - had to make another.

  6. On a scrap piece I started again with the separate files. Due to laziness on my part, I left the enclosure door open after changing to the 1/16" bit. It started it’s run and then I heard a faint clunk. I started swearing as I should have guessed this earlier. With the smaller diameter cutter, the x had to go a little further. On the first pass across, it hit the x-axis stop and screwed up where 0 was.

I’ve mentioned this many times here, but usually on the Z axis. I should have known! All I had to do was to move the blank a little to the left.

Anyway I sure wish that they would change the firmware to realize they have hit the end and given an error. The board has the limit switches so hopefully they could hook them up to an interrupt and if it gets that interrupt when not expected, stop and send an error back. ( can you tell I used to write firmware lol)

On my wish list, let us STOP the machine and fix something and restart where the gcode left off.
I have run machines that allow you to stop and as long as everything is set X,Y & Z where the program expects it will continue.

Working on splitting a long 20 hour run into parts right now, I won’t leave the machine unattended.

I don’t think there is software that will do that, manually adjusting gcode is the only way I know.

P.S. I would not use the stop button to tighten a bit, use a wrench.

There is a work hold switch you can add. Search the forum for instructions.

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