I can not write decimals

I’m a new user of Carbide, it look like easy to use, but when i want to adjust the thickness to 5.5mm it refuses, it only accepts integer numbers 5 or 6 for example.
Please help me !

Please accept our apologies for this. I’m afraid that our software isn’t properly internationalized — it doesn’t work properly when a comma is used as a decimal separator in the OS — you’ll need to change the decimal separator to a period:

Mac OS X:
System Preferences | Languages & Region | Advanced | Number Separators | Decimal — change that to a period.

Changing the decimal separator in Windows should be:
​Start | Windows System | Control Panel | Change Date Time or Number Settings (left pane) | Additional Settings (button in lower right of dialog box) | Decimal symbol — change that to a period.

​​If that doesn’t help, let us know and we’ll help you puzzle it out.

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I have the same problem as ronaldonizuka, I can’t place decimals in the Stock Thickness dialogue box. Pressing on the period key does nothing… my Windows 10 program is in French but I am using American measurements and the decimal is set to a period in the Windows settings.

Have you found a solution to this?


The solution should be the one cited above — restart Carbide Create?