I don't understand the options in CC for inlays

I’m attempting to make an inlaid number plaque for my house.

I’m using the Advanced VCarve Toolpath maker. I set the max depth to 5mm. However, once the cut it made, it is 12mm deep (!). Also, the edges of the lettering are quite rounded.

Here’s my settings:
Job Setup:


Here’s the result in purple heart:

I also made the corresponding inlay out of poplar, which is probably OK, but is ultimately too thin to properly mate with this pocket.

What does setting “max depth” set to 5mm mean, if not that the max depth should be 5mm?

Are you absolutely sure you have the correct machine configuration in Carbide Motion?

If you use the jog controls for Z travel, if you jog up, say, 5mm, does it travel that far?

@mhotchin could be on to something. I think the SO5 has the HDZ. If you chose the Z-Plus it makes less steps than the HDZ to go the same distance. I looked at the c3d website and the picture of the SO5 looks like an HDZ. So if you chose the Z-Plus and have an HDZ it would cut deeper than you expect. If you chose the HDZ, never mind.

Usually cutting deeper than expected is a set up problem. Be sure you have measured your material precisely. Your pictures of the female pocket do not look very crisp. It could be the font or you have a mechanical problem.

Interesting. I truly thought maybe I misunderstood what “max depth” meant.

Re: incorrect machine choice:

I guess, maybe? In the Job Setup screen I posted above, it shows Shapeoko 5 Pro, which is what I have. I’ve been machining a lot with tool paths generated from Fusion 360 over the past month or so without issue, so I’m pretty that the machine itself was initialized correctly with Carbide Motion.

Perhaps rebooting the machine and re-initializing it will give me a better run. I’ll try later today.

It should not be possible to misconfigure an SO5 Pro, save for XY size — the only Z-axis option for it is the HDZ, which is included in any configuration.

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The SO5 in job setup is an artifact left over from older versions. Picking tools for SO5 make the SO5 run at recommend f&s. If using BitZero for corner x, y and z make sure BitZero has lip over edge. For z only lip goes on top of material.

Not using a BitZero. I just alight the tool to the center point on top of the stock and zero it out in CM.

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