I have a project idea - Stirling Engine

I’m a big fan of anything mechanical - and I love engines.

Over time I’ve seen a bunch of nice theoretical engines sold on amazon for silly money - 50-60 quid but they come with nice stands.

Anyway the nice Chinese folk now sell a sterling engine for £11! it comes with a crappy stand but what a bargain!

I myself have ordered one and looking forward to the raw parts to arrive. The plan is to ditch the stand and make my own using the Shapeoko and some beautiful materials I have left over.

they can be found on banggood - I promise it’s not a porn site ;p

Anyone else for a show and tell?


Ages ago, there was a science fiction novel where a military robot gets loose and wanders into South America, and one of the things which it does is make a Stirling Engine to generate power for itself.

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It’s an interesting concept - I wonder if this could be adapted to be solar powered.

Dip the heated chamber in some VHT paint then direct a magnifying glass on it - heating the chamber the same way a flame would?

Robot would be thrilled.

I also found a slightly better kit -


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Wonder no longer:


Well… thats pretty clever…

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Maybe a Hero Engine inspired barbecue powered rotisserie gizmo.

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Do YouTube search, there’s some you can build yourself

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