I keep getting this error

Sometimes when the job is paused, sometimes when the cutter is just sitting there. Not doing anything but cleaning the area and I am not turning the machine off so I dont know why this keeps happening:

It may be that you’re bumping the USB cable and causing it to lose connection, it may be some flaw in your system’s USB chip, or the Carbide 3D controller, but most likely, it’s EMI:


Definitely not bumping this when it happens. The USB cable is routed through the box the CNC sits in and to the PC. It didn’t start happening until about 2 months ago. Its plugged directly into the motherboard USB and I know that works. hmm…

Say you were cleaning the machine, are you using a vacuum cleaner?


cleaning the wasterboard more specifically but yes mostly a vacuum.

Vacuuming typically produces a static charge on your hose and the person holding the hose. The static charge is easy to transfered to the machine causing a USB disconnect. There are several ways to fix it including getting a grounded vacuum cleaner hose


ha I figured as much. Thx man!