I’m knew to Shapeoko and every word looks like dog bones

Hi, I’m sorry for sounding like a Newbie but I can’t figure out how to get rid of my letters looking like dog bones. Maybe it’s the bit, I’m just playing around with this right now to get familiar with it but I’m getting worried that even if I change my bit that I’ll still have dog bones for letters. Any help or suggestions?

Any chance you used a v-carve toolpath but then installed an endmill in your router instead of a V-bit?


Yes, that is absolutely what I did :man_facepalming:. I couldn’t find my end mill on the tools to load into the system. The library only had a few. I ordered the v carve bit and I also order through carbide 2 fine bits for detail. They haven’t come in yet but yes this is exactly what I did. Will that stop once I have the correct bit for the project?

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v carving really needs v shaped bits… they’re magic for getting sharp corners.

Also based on what came out of your design, you might want to consider using “advanced vcarve” since well, v bits are magic, but they’re not great for doing large open areas :slight_smile:


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