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I am in toolpaths. The material is 0.230 inches MDF and is carpet taped to another piece of 0.23 MDF used as a waste board. I set the contour to 0.230 with a bottom of 0.250. It runs three passes for a total depth of 0.127 inches. My goal is to go through the material.

Should the material thickness be 0.230x2=0.460" Is the zero calculated from the Shapeoko XXL waste board top?


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This depends on where one sets it in your CAM program.

Usually difficulties such as you describe are caused by insufficient Z-axis belt tension or wrongly set zero — please post a full set of:

  • CAM source file
  • generated G-Code
  • compleat description of how you clamp the stock and set zero relative to it

See http://docs.carbide3d.com/tutorials/tutorial-homing/


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I finally figured it out.
Nothing like being obstinate and doing almost endless diagnostics.


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