I need a downcut bit

Reaching out to you guys about where to purchase a 1/8 downcut bit. Anyone have any preferences as to the best place to buy online ?

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We have one in one of our Amana sets:

the #46200-K

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Thank you for that information!

Check out the downtown Jenny from Cadence Manufacturing

Or the Slim Jen which is a 1/8 downcut on a 1/4 shaft.

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You could also try Spe brand bits found on amazon. Not the highest quality bits you’ll find but i find they generally work pretty well for the price. Ive bought a few of their downcut bits and have had good success with them.

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I bought one of the spe 1/8 down cut bits to cut some birch plywood and it did well. Just pay attention to the initial depth of cut. You need to check the specifications of the bit.

Sorry - was thinking of a compression bit ( down / up cut )

I also have SPE in my collection as they are pretty good for the price.

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