I need help from Carbide with my XXXL

So I decided to take advantage of the numerous machine shiops I use as vendors and have some parts made to upgrade my xxl to XXXL. I wanted a cut area of 48x50 so that I can feed full sheets through the machine. Machining in process, HDZ arrived and chinese linear rails for extra support waiting. The model is available to anyone who wants it.

My biggest problem is getting my hands on 1410mm extrusions. I would love to be able to use one piece rails and not have to splice rails and straighten them post welding. I know that that the rails are extruded long enough to cut 1410mm rails if desired. An extra long wire harness and drag chains would rock too. If you know anyone at Carbide that can help please tag them.

ShapeokoXXX_Master_Assy.pdf (1.8 MB)

I’m afraid that we’re not able to support non-stock machines.

I will note that if you’re extending the Y-axis, since the plates are on the inside, it should be possible to use pretty much any extrusion profile since you can support where you need to (you’d just drill new holes for the lower wheels).

The community has some notes on this sort of thing at:

Thanks Will. Thats pretty much what I have determined. I have the aluminum plugs made and spare rails. Its just a shame to go through that when these rails come out of the extrusion machine much much longer. I dont want to use any other extrusion. I like the belt and v wheel arrangement. upgrading to lexan wheels and adding linear support rails under Y axis for support at high speed. I havent figured out the truss for the x axis yet. I may do custom end plates and doule up on the extrusion.

Unfortunately the rails are cut by the extruder, and AIUI it’s a change order to get different lengths, and it would require special arrangements for shipping — we’re a small, self-funded startup, it’s just not a cost we could absorb/justify.

I understand. I will get it done the hard way.

So what’s the idea with the dual setup? Keen to understand that. How about using c beam?

I did not know how long it would take to either buy longer rails ( had that possibility worked out) or to make my own. So I had extra pockets put in the table so I could still use my machine at it’s current size. It doesn’t cost me any extra for the 3 minutes it takes the VF9 at the machine shop.

I may go a different route as far as beams. Linear motion rails and bearings are very cheap. I want to be able to cut 3/4 material at full depth. The HDZ I bought from Luke should help that

Ah got you, that makes sense.

I use C beam on the beaver pro and it’s pretty good if I’m honest. If you can’t get rails from C3d this could be the next best thing.

FYI, I’m Luke :wink:

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oh. hello. i just saw your name. i will look at the c beam.

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