I need parts from your xl

Hi , I have a Shapeoko 3 XXL and I need to downgrade to XL coz I’m moving to another place. Is anyone who upgraded XL to XXL and wants to sell me his XL parts ?
I live in the Bay Area Ca . Thanks

Wrong coast, but maybe you guys could work something out?

I have a shapeoko 3 parts from an upgrade I could send, if you want to swap?

I haven’t upgraded mine yet due to being behind on projects. I plan on doing it next week.

You do realize that you also wi need the steel bed plates , mdf factory base and the xl wiring harness.

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I have both y rails with belts, 3 bed plates, mdf factory bed, and wiring harness that includes a bag of miscellaneous micro switch mounting brackets and screws for assembly. Asking 300.00 xl shapeoko

I got the parts that I need , thanks :pray:t2:

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