I need to learn how to Carbide Create or similar

Hey all, just placed an order for my first CNC machine. I went with the Nomad.
I’ve down loaded the Carbide Create software to start learning prior to receiving the nomad. I have year experience with 3D printers but ZERO CNC.
Can anyone share a link or provide tips on how to start learning.
I have several .stp files I have developed using Sketchup and Solidworks not sure how to use them an some way for CNC work

All comments are welcome

A stp file isn’t going to help you much with CC. You need a full fledged 3D CAD program for that, and CC is 2.5D.

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You have a lot of options, though I can only speak to a few of them.

If you are a dedicated solidworks user, you can get several CAM packages ($$$). The one I use is HSMworks (from AutoDesk now-- originally for SolidWorks, but now the primary CAM tool for Inventor and Fusion360)

You can get the free version of Fusion360. It will import a number of formats, and the CAM is good. I don’t love the interface or the performance, but the functionality is there.

Meshcam (I think a liscence still comes with the Nomad) is adequate for many things, if your CAD generates an STL. It doesn’t know the model, so the tool path may not be real good unless you really take care to clue it. With no help, using simplest toolpath strategies, it will get the job done, but it will not likely be ideal performance.

My go-to (since I use it for work these days) is Inventor with HSM. Not a cheap option, unless you qualify for the student liscence (free). You can get a reduced functionality liscence for hobbyists free (I think it is still free)

As noted, the .stp files should work with MeshCAM, though you may need to use some software to convert them to .stl format.

Some useful tutorials:



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