I ordered my Shapeoko 3

I finally was able to order my Shapeoko 3 today, Hooray! Also ordered 1/4, 1/8 & 1/16 bit sets and the maintenance kit just for giggles. Makita 1/8 collet on order from Elaire. Now to start building it’s enclosure, that will be an adventure to be shared.


You might want to look into getting a 1/4" collet from Elaire as well — the one I have of them is a lot nicer than the stock 1/4" collet.

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Haven’t heard that before. is the stock collet really not great? I have only had my machine for a little bit but I can’t imagine replacing the collet (and i just got a 1/8 for the carbide bits). I am ready to be humbled by knowledge lol, how much of a difference does it make?

The precision collets are really nice, made of tool steel, and a pleasure to hold / handle and ring beautifully. The stock collet is fine. It’s just made of a lesser grade of steel, and not guaranteed to the same specification as the precision collets are.

My Shapeoko 3 arrived today, outside box is perfect, inside is better. What a terrific packing job. Has to be 10 lbs of cardboard. Bottom board is in workshop drying from 2 coats of urethane, see I read the forum. The rest is in it’s boxes on the table awaiting tomorrow morning. Thanks Carbide3D team for taking such good care with my new system. Gotta cut styrofoam tonight for all the practice runs, someone suggested that also. Thanks to WillAdams also for all his efforts on the forum, I feel confident.

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From box to production in one day. Thanks to Will Adams and this forum. My Shapeoko 3 is assembled and produced the Hello World with a fine point pen. Really detailed. There is so much information in this forum that it boggles my mind. But I absorbed enough to assemble it even with the lousy instructions that are not even included with the machine. This forum is why I decided to purchase and it was a great decision. Thanks again Will and the Carbide3d Team.