I’ve really had it

I need to vent here. I already emailed support. I just ran a simple file that I’ve run at least 20 times at this point. My machine after starting the job just flew forward SW as far as possible and then straight across SE as far right as possible smashing the front lip the entire way breaking the router bit, disintegrating 4 v-wheels and now my front inside lip is chewed up jagged metal! If I was standing close to the machine I don’t know what kind of injury I may have.

After the initial issues I had with this machine right out of the box I feel like this is the last straw. It’s beyond frustrating

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As noted on support, we will gladly send you a set of four replacement Delrin V wheels.

To repeat the balance of the message from there:

Did you make notes on where/how you set zero relative to your stock? We recommend folks use a log sheet for jobs such as:

If you could provide us with step-by-step notes on how you set zero relative to your stock we will do our best to investigate this from our end.

That is honestly not good enough. I was sent replacement parts with the issue I had right out of the box.

Mark center of stock
Jog machine over mark
Probe for z height
Zero out x and y at that spot
Run file

It cut properly but as soon as it was done it went crazy causing all that damage.

Just a thought: Any chance that you’ve run Lightburn, or any other GRBL-driving program that might have set your GRBL constants to something else? I’ve had this problem in reverse when forgetting to set back the settings after using my laser…everything moves in reverse with the settings I need to use there.


I use Carveco to create the designs but honestly I’ve run this program a bunch of times now with no issues. And I’ve created a few other designs in carveco with no issues either.

Post the file used. Maybe it got corrupted or something

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I will as soon as I get back to my computer