Ideal setup for power switches? Separate switch for your?

I’m setting up power to the router and S3XL computer. Should I have a separate switch for the router?

When I had a router it had its own switch on my control panel, and I cut power source to the router during tool changes (in addition to using the power switch on the router body itself: double layer of safety)

I like having a separate switch for each thing, it’s more flexible, also you get to feel a little bit like an airliner pilot doing pre-flight checklist and toggling all those switches :slight_smile:


Before I got the BitRunner I had a power strip with Shapeoko and router hooked up. The power switch was my emergency stop. When prompted I just turned the router on with it’s own switch and set speed. A panel with Shapeoko, vac and router with separate switches are nice. Include a master/emergency off switch.

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Thanks everyone! Good tips!
I can put the S3XL and router on one big power switch, is that a bad idea.
Just thinking, in an emergency I can power off the router, but wouldn’t it be better if both the S3XL and router turned off at the same time? If the router was off, but the machine is running with the bit down, it might cause some damage. Yes?

You need something like this wired up to the main power feed to both router and shapeoko, 1 emergency stop for both.

Its a UK amazon link, but the same in US. There are also some fancier Router table ones but this is what I used.

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I have the BitRunner but everything is still attached to a power strip with a switch to turn everything off at once.

Evening Gary,

I love this - you are now on the path to greatness, your journey reminds me of mine, and on that note i did the following for my machine. i had a few PANNNNIIIICCCC moments and did the worst thing ever, i accidentally turned off spindle but left motors on, well, lets just leave it too “mistakes were made lol”

But this is what you will find strangely appealing, “see a need fill a need”. I made mine with independent power source for each item, router, hoover etc, and all go through the E-stop button, that way everything is dead in nano seconds. so well worth doing, happy to help / show you more pictures if it will help create your own.


Absolutely right, I have router and shapeoko wired together on one of these switches for now but a panel of switches for controlling power to each component is what I eventually want to build

I like the design and engineering behind it, nice! How many times have you had to hit the PANIC! button?!
You can’t miss that button, submarine quality. Thx for helping out a newbee!

Well not so much now unless I have been careless, but when I started out, well I was hitting it like a whack a mole game!! No shame in it, at all :grin:

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