Identifying a bit / F&S from a youtube video

this guy is making pretty darn amazing inlays, and is using a V-ish bit that does not seem to match anything I have…
(you can see it at 8 minutes 3 seconds into the video)

I wonder if it’s one of these
or a chinesium equivalent

… if it is, what kind of F&S would work for this?

it seems that inlays work better the smaller the angle of the V bit…

Between 3 and 4 minutes in, I saw two different bits. The first bit seems to be a clearance bit, and the second bit seems to be the small angle bit.

At 5:10 he’s back to the small angle bit.

I know it is a small angle bit (the second one), but the idea is to use the same bit on both parts.

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