I'm confused. Bitzero and bitsetter

It has been a little while since I used my Shapeoko 3. The last thing that I did was install the bitsetter. Today I tried to run a job. When I turned on the Shapeoko 3. Then connected to carbide motion. clicked on initialize. The Shapeoko 3 moved to the home position, moved to the front and requested a bit change. I hit resume since the router already had the correct bit installed. It moved to the Bitsetter lowered to test the length. Then moved up rather fast making a noise like it hit the limit. Then very slowly moved back down to again test the length of the bit. After about a minute it determines the length of the bit. The router then moves back to the middle where it previously asked for a bit change. I have not set XYZ yet. But when I go to the jog screen I can’t move the router in any direction X Y Z.
How does one set zero?

You should be able to jog the machine after it measures the endmill, but it shouldn’t hit the top stop when probing — what do you have your Z-axis configured as?

When configurrd correctly the bit moves to BitSetter and is comparing the current bit to last z zero. Since you had a new BitSetter the comparison may be off. Once you initalize just jog to position to set x y and z and set manually or with BitZero. After that zero setting the BitSetter is always setting to last z zero set. If you cannot jog check jog speed. The default speed is the lowest speed and may not be moving fast enough for your perception of movement. If you change the bit always tell software to change bit ot wait for gcode to tell you to change bit.

Always the machine remembers last x y and z setting which could have been set the last time you ran the machine a month ago.

The Shapoko 3 is set for z belt drive. I found that the problem with not jogging was fixed when I resent the configuration. I also reinstalled the bit setter. Now when it touches the bitsetter it moves up a few mm and rechecks the length. This is way different than what it was doing previously. My understanding of the sequence is
install guide pin
system will check guide pin length
the router will move router back to where the pin was installed.
Now use bit zero.
load file.
now install the proper bit.
I’m assuming that the start of job will request bit change. Also that the pin is better for zeroing than the router bit.

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