Im having lots of probelms

hello i recent got a J tech laser and idk if this affects it but i need to use my cnc and now my machine wont jog at all and im very confused and when i get it to jog it just moves back to the homing spot ive looked it up and have reset my PRAM but im very confused and need help

also it only really moves when i use rapid positioning

Start Carbide Motion and reload the settings just like when you first used the machine.

how do i do that? there is no reset button in the setttings :confused:

Okay tbh idk what i did but it seems to jog again ill be back if this happens again. have been stuck on this for hours

There is a reset button on the controller which will restart it.

You can resend the machine configuration per:

Note that there seem to be 3 levels of settings:

  • Grbl — these are stored on the machine, should be persistent, and can be queried by opening up a log and sending $$ — two of them show on the interface
  • CM machine settings — these seem to be stored both in CM’s registry/preference settings, and in Grbl using one or more of the Work Coordinate Systems
  • CM machine indicators — these seem to be superficial indications of what CM has known the machine state to be, but isn’t necessarily acting on — the machine drop-down for instance will sometimes show the wrong machine, or the just-loaded file isn’t updating

Note that all that is based on observation, and is not an official statement — if you have a problem with the machine which isn’t addressed by the docs (yes, we know they need to be updated) let us know at and we’ll try to help.

okay thank you this is very useful!

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