I'm so excited!

Ordered an XXL today, some various end mills, track kit, maintenance kit, and precision collet for the makita. I am so damn excited! Been playing around with CC and Aspire a lot lately and am finally comfortable enough to make the purchase. I still need to build a table to put it on, but that’ll come… the rest of the workshop is almost done. Dust boot is also on the way! This will be it’s future home, in the back right corner next to the bandsaw: https://drive.google.com/open?id=17XWlav6GQexMjUmVTl04AlT1FQdcEDYC


I’m getting my XXL on Tuesday! Shipped much quicker than the 14 day lead time stated on the website (in fact it was only 2-3 days). I spent Saturday building a rolling workbench for it. Unfortunately my dust collection won’t be here by the time I’m ready to start using the machine, so I guess I’ll be making a mess for a few days until it gets here.


I just got my XL this monday! But it shipped incomplete, there was a notice in the box saying there’s a problem with the supplier regarding the motion controller, so I have everything but that. The notice said it’s expected to ship the week of the 14th, just dying to get my hands on it! It’s built and waiting…

I got my XXL today, and it shipped without a controller too. No note about it being missing either. Very disappointed, since once I got notification that it shipped I planned time off work to learn my new machine. Looks like I wasted those time off days now.

That really sucks. I’ll figure out how to upload pictures and post the note I got. If I remember, it was in the box with the harness.

Well, after complaining C3D shipped my controller, 2-day air. I offered to pay the additional shipping for overnight, but they ignored that request. It won’t arrive until late afternoon tomorrow at the earliest, so I’ve lost two days that I could have used testing and learning. Assembly instructions for the XXL were pretty unclear in some spots (especially regarding the cable chains) so it took some trial and error to get the machine assembled.

The first time you do something unfamiliar it always sucks. I had frustration setting my xxl up but it was the first time i ever did it. Now its like a nascar pitstop any time i have to make an adjustment or do maintenance it all goes smoothly. Dont be discouraged youre gonna have as much fun as your imagination will let you handle once you get familiar with it!

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Mine was shipped 2 day as well on Wednesday, should be here today! I agree that the drag chain instructions were about as clear as mud. “We will attach the other end of the chain later in the assembly” and then never mentions it again. YouTube to the rescue haha

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Just had my XXL delivered here in Australia this afternoon! Just checked and the Controller is there, you lot had me worried for a sec ha. Looking forward to getting it together and having a play.

Hope you all are luckier that I am. My board appears to be DOA after I got it today. I posted a thread about it on this forum if anyone else is having the same issue. Controller doesn’t show up on USB at all.

Dumb question, but I made this mistake too… Did you check the power switch on the cord? Even though the power supply lights up, it doesn’t mean the board is getting power.

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I wish so much that was the problem. Switching the thing on gives me a power light on the board, steppers power up, but no communication with the Arduino.

Do you have to set the baud rate in CM? I know if I don’t have it set to 115200 in UGS I won’t connect.