Image import issue

I have been working on getting a image to the SVG format for days. Have used Inkscape to do a line tracing and printed it then scanned it in. Doing this I was able to get it to the SVG format but when I loaded it in CC it acts as if it loaded but there is nothing showing. The image size is 761KB. I have the same issue with another program doing the same. I am bullheaded when it comes to doing these things but am beyond frustrated with this. I purchased the main part of the project on Etsy for a more than normal price since I expect to use multiple times.
Any help would greatly be appreciated.

Please post the file here or send it to us at and we’ll do our best to work through this with you.

I suspect your workflow is a bit… cumbersome…
if you had it in inkscape as lines already… is that good enough already?

we can try to help… even if you can’t share the original, maybe repeat your steps with something simple that you can share?


Check your scale and units in Inkscape. Pick cm or inches, not px (pixels). Use the scale function to get drawing sizes before using CC.

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I agree w/ @fenrus — I’m frankly mystified by:

used Inkscape to do a line tracing and printed it then scanned it in

Why is it necessary to print then scan if you have the image digitally?

to be fair I have a few times exported an inkscape SVG to a (very) high resolution PNG, and then in inkscape traced it back to vector… that’s a quick way to get rid of weird SVG topologies

but print+scan is a bridge further than that for me :wink:

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