Import metric dxf from Autocad

I’m trying to use Carbide Create for the first time.
I created a simple square 10x10mm on Autocad and I use mm as my units on CC.
The square gets imported but it’s 254x254mm so it’s imported as 10x10 inches instead of 10x10mm.
What am I missing?

You’re not missing anything — DXF doesn’t include a concept of units, and programs tend to make assumptions — I just draw a rectangle of known dimension around everything, then after import, select everything and set it to that size.

Thanks for your reply.
I didn’t want to believe that Carbide Create uses only inches while importing.
I design everything in metric so I have to scale them down.
The problem with scaling is that CC has a scale factor with 3 decimal points so if I use scale factor 0.039 I lose accuracy.
For example a 100x200 square in dxf format is imported as 100x200 inches (2540x5080mm) and after scaling it down it becomes 99.06x198.12mm (I’m losing almost 2mm)
I think I should scale up my design with a scale factor of 3.937 and then scale it down with scale factor 0.01.

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Excellent point about the precision — I really wish that all developers doing this sort of thing would use integer math and a suitably small base unit (can anyone say scaled point?) so that this sort of thing isn’t an issue.

Really wish I could measure in 16ths of an inch in Carbide Create.

der Carbide 3D Team: Is it possible to Import Metric DXF when in the JOB Setup i use Metric Mode without “Rescale” from Imperial System? (Zoom 0.394 0.3937007874)

In theory the currently selected unit system should be used when importing a DXF — please send files which don’t have the desired behavior in to us at and we’ll try to have a developer look at them.