Importing c2d files

Why wont Carbide Create import c2d files? I downloaded the latest update (514) and for some reason I lost the ability to import the very files that carbide create makes. Any solutions to this issue? I called Carbide 3d customer support and I’m currently waiting on them to return my call. My luck it will be when Im not in front of my machine.

I’m not an expert here but are you trying to import or open the file? I believe import is for importing .svg files and open should open the file naturaly. Also, have you checked the file to make sure it has a .c2d at the end. I did save a gcode file once and there was no .nc added so I just renamed it and it worked fine. Not sure this helps but figured I’d throw it out there.

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You can export to SVG from one Carbide Create file and import the SVG into a second .c2d file.

There are utilities for merging files:

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