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Brand new to this CNC Thang. Frustrated with trying to import a graphic that I imported into Inkscape then saved it as an SVG. When I look at the saved file on my desktop it has the e graphic on it. I hit import and nothing happens. I am doing something stupid and it should not be this hard. Can someone in simple step by step english tell me how to import an SVG from inkscape?

(William Adams) #2

First, look at the graphic in Inkscape in outline view mode

View | Display Mode | Outline

Then, realize that only things which show up as closed shapes here will import — type needs to be converted to paths (Path | Object to Path), open strokes should be expanded to closed shapes (Path | Stroke to Path), pixel images should be traced/re-drawn (Path | Trace Bitmap).

If you continue to have difficulties, post the file here, or send it in to and we’ll do our best to help.

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