Importing Inkscape svg images to Carbide Create

I have been trying to import some svg files saved as inkscape svg files with no luck lately. I have been able to do this in the past, but for the last couple of days not able to.
I have deleted out the files from my laptop and went back to Inkscape and re-saved them as Inkscape svg files but when I try to open them all I get is two rectangles that I have deleted out numerous times.
Also when I have text in a file from inkscape and can get it to load ( some of my older files ) the drawing will open but the text is missing. I know these are probably easy things to accomplish but after many hours of u-tube and trying various things I’m at a loss

Carbide Create is a bit limited in what it will import:

  • no text — convert to geometry (use the command Path | Object to Path or some other stratagem)
  • no placed images — view in outline mode to get a better idea of what will be imported
  • closed paths work better than open — Path | Stroke to Path will convert open paths to an equivalent closed path

If you’re still stuck send the files in to or post them here and we’ll do our best to help.

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