Importing .nc formate files to carbide motion

I love my bit setter on Shapeoko 4XXL . I have purchased Vcarve desktop and would like to save Vcarve file in .nc format. How to do it so I can use Carbide Motion to carve my project…

Please see:

Vetric has a post processor which is compliant with the BitSetter. Several have mentioned you need to email them (Vetric Customer Service) and ask for that post processor. As far as the gcode output, gcode is gcode. You could simply rename the file with the .nc extension. A gcode file is just a text file in a format that CM and the controller can understand.

The important part is the post processor you choose in Vetric Desktop/Pro/Aspire. Generic gcode will run on almost any cnc machine but the Shapeoko needs certain commands to use the BitSetter and BitRunner that are embedded in the gcode with the proper post processor.

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Many of us on the forum get our VCarve processors from a @neilferreri 's GitHub repo here:

The post processor you choose will have a line in it which specifies the default extension VCarve will use when prompting you to save the gcode, for example:




You can tailor this to suit your taste.

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Thank you so much gdon_2003. for suggesting post processor. I am going to send e-mail to Vetric . Now I realize that what I really need is few commands in G code for bitsetter.

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