Importing .svg Files

I’m new to Carbide 3d and just getting my XXl setup and have a question.
Is there a size limit on the .svg file that Carbide Create will import? I’m helping out my daughter with a little project. She is sending me .svg files of different sizes and sometimes CC will import the files, but other times I have to import them into Inkscape trace them and then CC will open them.
Thanks in advance!

Carbide create can only import real vectors, not bitmaps.

I’ve done designs with a few thousand elements (each of which are pretty complex polygons), but that’s really stretching the limits of the tool.

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If you open the files in Inkscape and view as outlines, you should see the vectors which Carbide Create will import. Note that text as text (convert to outlines), arrays, and certain other features aren’t supported — also no embedded pixel images.

Thanks for the quick responses…I’m learning something new here even about Inkscape!
I’ll have to go experiment and see what y’all are suggesting.
I wished CC would give some kind of explanation why it would not open the file, at first I waited thinking it was my slow PC was the reason it was taking so long to open the file :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:!

Thanks again for the help!

The SVG spec is rather large and complex — parsing all of it to report what can and can’t be imported would be problematic.

a good BKM for “weird” SVGs is to load in inkscape, select all, and then in the path menu, pick the “convert to paths”

other than bitmaps, that cleans almost all of it up for me always


Good to know Arjan…Thanks