Impromptu spoilboard

I am preparing to trim a bunch of small plywood brackets and wanted a spoilboard that would leave me access to the threaded table holes. I was preparing to drill a grid of holes in a piece of 1/4" plywood and had the vague feeling that something like that already existed… Perf board! Here in the US, at least, perf board is pressed fiber board with a grid of 1/4" holes on 1" centers. About a minute on my bandsaw trimming a scrap piece and I had this

You’re probably all saying “pfffft, whatever” but to me it was a big light bulb… :slight_smile:



Yeah, using that as a spoilboard on a matching grid is an obvious idea — once one matches the twain.

I looked into that a while back and was interested to note that there’s a plastic variety available.

Two threads discussing various options and ideas: