Improved Dust Boot

Super proud of how I solved adding a camera to my setup. I’ve been wanting to monitor jobs from another room and had been researching various usb cameras. I wanted to be able to see the spindle unobstructed by my dust boot. I decided to redesign my original dust boot adding a pencil camera to it and having it point to the spindle. Voila!!!. It even has a light at the end of it. I use an app called AirBeam Pro to broadcast the signal to any portable device or even an IP address. Love the bamboo/HPDE combo!!!.

Figuring out the angle of the camera was fun to figure out. I modeled the spindle and end mill in Fusion 360 and calculated where I wanted the camera to point. This camera really has a somewhat narrow field of view as it is intended as an endoscope. I wish I had found one this small with a wider angle of view. It gets the job done though. I can see the endmill working its magic without any obstructions!.