In Mesquite Nirvana

I cut down a 100 year old mesquite tree two years ago. I cut most of the tree into 2 inch slabs and they have air drying and about ready to cut into lumber. All of the little scraps left over from milling the main trunk have been in a trash can waiting. I was a little bored today and the sky was overcast so I got the trash can out and started cutting the bark off the scraps. The larger pieces are about 2 inches thick and the smaller are around 3/4" squarish. I cut this up with my SMC S400P 16" bandsaw. I have a 1" carbide tipped blade and it cuts through this stuff like a hot knife through butter.

I am going to use this to make pens and bottle stoppers. Not very much for a cnc in this batch but the big slabs will most likely be used for some cnc projects. Mesquite is so beautiful when finished. I can hardly wait to get to the big stuff. Some of it is a little punky and I had read on youtube about getting a HarborFreight paint pressure pot and turning it into a vacuum chamber for stabilizing. I may go over to HarborFreight tomorrow and get the vacuum motor and pressure pot. Cant wait.


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