Inadvertently deleted my tool Library from Carbide Create

I inadvertently deleted my Tool Library from carbide Create. Is there a way to download the standard tool Library that comes with the program? I realize I will have to rebuild any custom tool libraries I had created. I downloaded Carbide Create 743 but that did not get a new standard library.

I have Carbide Create running on two different MAC computers and wonder if there is a way to copy the tool library from one machine to a thumb drive and then move it to the other machine but I don’t have the computer knowledge to attempt this with out help.

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I’m confused. Unless it works a lot different on Mac -vs- Windows, you can’t delete the default tool library. It’s hard-coded in. And your user libraries should be in the trash bin if you recently deleted them.

What @Tod1d said. However what you can try is open CC and go to Help and then About. Use the Open Data Directory and note the location.

Uninstall your CC and then go to the Data Directory and delete (CC only).

Then install CC and see if your tools come back, only the Factory ones will come back if you deleted your custom ones.

Before you do all that in the Edit menu there is a Show Tool Database. In that are some filters to only show some of the libraries. Make sure you have selected what you need. I have a Shapeoko so I dont want to see Nomad so I filter them out.

Let us know what fixes this.

Not to rub salt into a wound but you should have been backing up your data. Go to Walmart and get a 2tb USB drive and use that to back up your computer. There are free back up programs and even a built in one from Windows. I use Norton 360 and that has a back up utility plus it is helping protect me from malicious stuff on the internet. In the future there will be failures of hardware and mistakes made by the operator. You have to be prepared for those inevitability. The only question is when a failure will occur not if because there will be failures. There are only two types of computer issues, those who have had issues and those that will have issues.

Thomas, here is what I would try. In Carbide Create app on the computer having your tools definition, clic About Create then Open Data Directory. This will bring you the Finder where the Tools directory contain your CSV file with your tools definition, at least this is what I get. If you copy this file in the same directory in your other computer, I suspect it might work. Good luck.

Let me begin by thanking both Tod1d and Gdon 2003! for their prompt replies which were right on!

I am embarrassed, but now have my tool library back. The problem was all mine as I must have selected Shapeoko Pro in the Show Tool Database menu in error somehow which apparently has not been populated by Carbide 3d. Selected Machine - all and presto, my Tool Database was back!

Well, I will never get the hours back I spent looking for my Tool Library, but at least I will never lose it again. As an aside, my main computer is backed up daily, but I would not know how to find what I would have been looking for nor would I attempt to restore the complete backup file without help from someone knowledgeable in such actions.

Thank you very much for the help!!!



User tool libraries are stored in the Carbide Create/tools folder revealed by About | Open Data Directory.

Found it. Good information, thank you for taking the time to provide it.


There is no reason to be embarrassed. Humans make mistakes. None of us were born with any knowledge of the CNC. We have to learn just as you learned. There is no shame in making a mistake. The only shame is not asking for help to correct a mistake. It is good to try to fix your own issues but asking for help is a good thing. Soon you will be able to help others and so the cycle goes on and on.

Thanks for being her and sharing. Just keep moving forward. No one on this site knows everything but together we know pretty much everything.

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