Incomplete Lettering

Hi - Noob to all this so sorry for the basic issue question. I cut this lettering today and the majority of the letters are missing pieces. I didn’t think this would be an issue with the lettering size and cutter I used but perhaps it is. I didn’t catch it in simulation prior to running.

Thank you


You’ve pretty much answered your own question - the cutter you chose doesn’t fit inside the letters with some extra room (expect to need about 10%). This is usually a good application for v-carving instead. You will likely find that if you make the text a little bigger that the cutter can fit, but that may not be an option for you.


You can V-Carve it like @mikep suggested, or if you want a flat bottomed letter, grab a smaller bit and go for it. :slight_smile:


Dang I thought a 1/16 was pretty small with 1/2" lettering. I thought it was strange how the parts that it left off weren’t close to other parts of the letter.

So how does a fella figure out what will work and what won’t with sizes? Where would the 10% come in?

Would the v-carve set its depth to whatever it needs to be to include all of the lettering?

An endmill should be ~10% smaller than the narrowest region which one is trying to fit it through.

A V endmill when V carving will adjust its depth up/down as needed to cut to a given width.


That makes sense. So in my case would the theory be that in the areas that did not get cut the font got skinnier than the rest of the letter so it was not able to cut it?

I just zoomed in super tight on the font in word and it is slightly skinnier in the places that weren’t cut. Man I must have been right on the edge of what the cutter could do with the font and size I had it set to.

Yes, if you draw a circle the diameter of the endmill it should be able to fit in-between the narrowest lines of the regions you wish to cut.

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Great - I’m learning a lot already!

Thank you!

The Font may also be the reason. Some fonts do not machine well even if your bit fits inside. I have had this problem before but I dont remember the font. It was the size but the actual font. So try another font and see if that helps.

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