Incorrect GCode from CC?

I was trying to mill a simple letter “A”. My preview in CC is showing that it looks correct. However, when I import the file into CM, it does not work correctly.

For example, my letter “A” is milled as two small circular pockets, and nothing else. How can I trouble shoot this? I’ve attached the CC file.

testing.c2d (44 KB)

I am using CM 618 and CC 757.

What font are you using?

When I open your file I see:

You are using a Pocket Toolpath:

w/ a 1/4" endmill which won’t fit in the narrowest sections of the letter which my OS set for your text object:

Hence the toolpath preview:

which shows a gap and the 3D preview:

which has the odd discontinuity.

Better to use an Advanced V carving toolpath:

and if you have a BitSetter, enable the Pocket Clearing option:

If you’ll let us know what font you had this difficulty with we can look into this in more detail, or you can post a version of the file which has that text object converted to paths:

Thanks for your reply Will.

I was using MS Sans Serif font.

I understand that the tool path shows the small gap, and I was OK with that for this test run. The issue that I had was that it didn’t actually trace anything inside the letter “A”. It made two small circular pockets, in the area that I highlighted in my attached picture. I hope that makes sense.

As I showed, at the size which you have selected, the geometry of that “A” is too small because of the light trap cut into the top of the counter.

If you convert to curves:

Then you can Node Edit:

which will preview as expected, including if a Pocket Toolpath is used:

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Hi Will, sorry if I wasn’t communicating my issue as clearly as I could – I have no issues with the toolpath previews and I understand why they are appearing as so.

My issue is that when I go to perform the actual cut, with my Shapeoko 3, the bottom, sides, and middle of the “A” are not cut. I just get two small pockets cut into the top of the A. Why would that be?

They should have been, exporting the G-code yields a preview which indicates they will be:

If they weren’t the most likely culprit is a mechanical issue:

  • tool wasn’t secured well and pushed up into the collet
  • steps were lost while trying to move down and those cuts were an “air cut”

Do you still have the GCode that you actually ran that had the problem? If so, post it here so we can look at it.

Ok, I figured it out.

For this file, if I’m in CC and hit “Send to Carbide Motion”, then I get this preview in CM, which then executes the two small incorrect pockets.

BUT if instead, inside CM, I hit “Load New File” and then load a saved version of the CC file, I get this preview in CM, which looks correct.

So there is something going on when using the “Send to Carbide Motion” feature in CC.

From what I understand “Send to Carbide Motion” hasn’t actually worked in some time. Somebody correct me if I am wrong.

I was not able to replicate this on my machine:

When you send from Carbide Create to Carbide Motion Is Carbide Motion on the same computer or a networked Computer?