Increase the z axis


I want to buy a cnc, probably the shapeoko 3 but i have a problem. I need to machine a peace with 310215160mm and the max z workin area is 40 mm. So i want to ask what is the best way to resolve this? get out the wood base? Change the z axis structure? Is there anyone who has done something like this? Is there any kit that can be applied to change the z?

@Luke has a kit which increases Z-axis travel.

The XL and XXL have taller endplates than the original which helps.

You can also increase the space under the machine by:

  • putting wasteboard under machine
  • building a sturdy table and flipping the endplates around and bolting to the table
  • cutting a hole in the wasteboard to introduce stock

Also, the machine is designed to clamp large / odd-shaped parts to the front which may work for narrow parts.


@Vince.Fab has done some huge bits.

It’s worth noting that if you chop a hole in your baseboard you get way more reach, but you need to ensure the machine and the work piece is properly supported/held down.

You also need long mill ends for the length of cut.

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